Utopia - Part 1

For anyone who actually bothered to read my ramblings when last I posted something here, sorry about the really long wait.  But I’ve come up with something that kind of demands that I put it out here for the world to see, so I’ll be writing again.

It’s no secret that the US political system is far from optimal if you’re merely a citizen and not a corporation or multimillionaire.  Its society has a few shortcomings as well, although I’m pretty sure there’s disagreement about exactly what those are.

I have some ideas about what the ideal government and society would be, and I’m going to put them out here for everyone to see.  I welcome discussion, as long as it’s civil and reasonable.  Consider this a combination constitutional congress and interim legislature with an ultimate veto authority in the form of me.

The foundation of our utopian society is the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Our constitution will include the declaration by reference.  Laws that violate it will be considered unconstitutional and unenforceable.

The function of government is to provide for the common good of all its citizens, with no exceptions.  Because Article 2 of the Universal Declaration allows for no exceptions based on nationality or lack thereof, we have to make sure not to violate the rights of any foreigners while we’re at it.

Here are some of the things I intend to cover in this series:
  • Electoral process
  • Judicial process
  • Public services
  • Civil Rights Laws

I’m sure I’ll come up with more later, and will also happily address issues brought up in comments.  Speaking of comments, I have enabled anonymous commenting in an effort to spur additional discussion.  If said discussion becomes trolling, I may be forced to revisit that policy.

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