My Producer/Consumer Ratio

There’s a reason I don’t write very often.  It’s because I consume too much.  That probably requires a bit of explanation.

I subscribe to a metric assload of blogs.  There are well over a hundred articles that hit my Reader feed daily.  I’m always several days behind.  Quite frequently, the most recent article I’ve read is already 2-3 days old, and that’s after I’ve made a concerted effort to try to catch up.

By the time I’ve read something that I want to write about, there are already several bloggers who’ve already said everything I was thinking, and better than I could.  And even when I do have something to say that hasn’t been said yet, I always want to catch up on my reading first.  By which time I’ve let what I wanted to say get shoved out of my brain.  I need to quit doing that.

It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort to open one more tab to a Google doc in which I can take notes as I read.  The notes themselves would be more than sufficient to remind me what I wanted to say.  And their existence alone would remind me that I wanted to write something.  And I’m pretty sure that writing more would please the one person I know for certain actually reads this thing.  (Hi Rachel!)

Since pausing to take notes will almost certainly slow down my reading, putting me even further behind than I already am, I’m probably going to have to stop reading quite so many blogs.  The trick, of course, will be figuring out which ones to drop.  But I can tackle that once I start paying attention to which feeds I’m skimming rather than reading.

Also, some of my thoughts might be too brief for full blog posts, so I’ll probably start posting more of them on G+.  If you want the tiny ones, follow me there.

Does this count as a promise that I’m going to post more?  No, because I don’t believe in making promises I might not be able to keep.  Is it a promise that I’ll make more of an effort with no guarantees?  Yeah, we can probably call it that.  Only time will tell how well that effort will convert to post counts.

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